Make an impact by telling us about your experience here at Derby

We're carrying out a range of surveys to find out all about your experience whilst studying with us.

This information is really important to us; you can find out about a host of changes we’ve made as a result of previous student feedback . You'll only be required to complete one survey relevant to your stage and programme of study. Please enter your student ID number (found on your Unicard) into the box below and you’ll be directed to the survey you're eligible to complete.

Please note, the survey link will be active from the 24 of January.

New students starting in 2022, we want to give you more time to experience University life. You will not have access to the survey at this point, you can feedback about your experiences so far to .

Although the surveys ask for your student ID number, please be assured that this will not be used to personally identify you. For further information about how the responses/results are used can be found in our privacy statement .

If you’ve got questions, or you’re having problems adding your student ID number, please contact .